Creativity Coaching

Powerful psychological techniques to unlock your full creative potential.

There’s a big difference between being a creative person, and being a creative professional. The pressure to produce fresh ideas can interfere with your ability to tap into your deepest creative resources.

By taking the time to really nourish your creative abilities, and develop a richer relationship with your unconscious mind — you can begin to enjoy easier access to your natural creative energy.

I use an innovative combination of relaxation, visualization, hypnosis, and explorative Jungian therapy techniques to help my clients balance and enrich their inner lives… allowing a smoother and more satisfying flow of inspiration.

  • Actors: Develop a deeper understanding of your character, and connect to the script as though it were your own life
  • Directors: Leverage all your mental resources to broaden your creative vision (and relieve the stress of managing large productions)
  • Writers: Allow the best parts of yourself to naturally spring to life on the page
  • Choreographers: Imagine fresh, rich, natural patterns and communicate them effortlessly
  • Dancers: Bridge the gap between mind and body so your movements flow like brilliant liquid
  • Musicians & Composers: Harness the deep rhythms that run through every part of your life
  • Singers: Feel the soft luxury of your breath gliding naturally to new levels of emotional expression
  • Chefs: Learn to connect all your senses, and draw fresh inspiration from all around you
  • Designers: Free your mind to conceptualize in new, exciting, and cohesive ways
  • Marketing and Advertising Professionals: Dig deep to connect emotionally with your market’s most closely guarded motivations

Are you in a creative rut?

There are two basic types of problems with creativity. The first is the creative block — like writer’s block, for example — where you just can’t seem to grasp an idea. You know you have the creative resources somewhere inside yourself, but you can’t bring them up to the surface. It’s like the artistic equivalent of the tip of the tongue phenomenon.

The second type of problem is a loss of inspiration. This is the feeling that maybe the creative talent that previously surged from your unconscious might have finally dried up. You can still produce things, they just aren’t as good. They lack that creative life-force. Your work is uninspired and uninspiring.

Creative blocks are usually caused by deep-seated anxiety.

When you feel a deep need to prove yourself, it doesn’t only mean that you need the world to recognize your ability — it means that on some level you also doubt your own worth. That feeling of basic self-doubt, is what blocks access to the unconscious riches that informed your previous creative work.

In order to get past this problem, we’ll explore the source of the anxiety — how does the pressure you feel now relate to the basic challenges of your life? We all replay our early relationships and developmental struggles in the back of our minds, over and over, until they are finally resolved. Dynamic psychotherapy can help you to achieve this resolution much more quickly.

Once the inner conflict is resolved, most people are surprised to find that not only is their creativity restored… they also experience a renewed enthusiasm for life, relationships, and fun.

Loss of inspiration often results from a slow descent into a comfortable, but uninspiring, lifestyle.

You have achieved a kind of psychological victory. You have overcome those same anxieties described above… not by mastering them and harnessing their creative energy, but by locking them in a dungeon in the back of your mind. Perhaps the walls are so thick that you can’t even hear their dull roar, day and night, ceaseless.

Creativity comes from the uncertainty of living. The loss of creativity is not just a loss of some skill or ability — it is a loss of the penetrating thrill of living. In order to reclaim it, we’ll examine strategies you’ve devised to protect yourself from chaos and fear. Then, we’ll work together to slowly open up your windows to the infinite. To re-invigorate your connection to the source of life… to reclaim your childhood innocence… to feel that excitement again.