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Category Archive • May 25, 2017

Coping as a habit of mind

August 17, 2016

I hear more and more clinicians and administrators talk about the teaching of “coping skills” as a major goal of treatment. I don’t necessarily disagree with this, but I disagree with what is often meant by “coping skills.” I see people teaching clients to take a time out, think about something else, listen to music, […]

A Symbolic Therapeutic Gardening Group for Adolescents

January 9, 2015

This morning I led a gardening therapy group for my 25 residential teenagers. I introduced the group by teaching them how to work with the plants, by way of some Ericksonian metaphors: When a baby is born, no one knows what it’s going to turn into. It’s just this bald, screaming, helpless little thing… it […]

Substance Abuse Evaluations

July 7, 2014

Drug and alcohol evaluations are used to demonstrate responsible efforts to assess and control problems with substance abuse, and to help determine whether substance abuse treatment is necessary. This is often done to show cooperation with licensing boards, bar associations, or court systems, and to demonstrate that any past problems are being addressed appropriately. I […]

Hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking

November 5, 2013

I regularly provide counseling to help people stop smoking, and often use hypnosis as a part of my approach. One of the first questions I hear from people is: Does hypnosis really work? Can it really help me stop smoking? I’m not an advertiser — I’m a clinician and a scientist, so I tend to […]

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

August 16, 2013

Many times the most difficult thing about making a change is deciding to. It is the terrible ambivalence that keeps us from taking steps to improve our health, to strengthen our relationships, and to break free from patterns of behavior that damage and hold us back. Many people take the first major step of coming to therapy […]

Incorporating Mindfulness Meditation into Psychotherapy

August 15, 2013

Mindfulness meditation is a deceptively simple technique with a wide range of benefits and a growing body of research support. It’s become the basis for popular psychotherapies like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. General Benefits of Meditation From a neurological perspective, regular meditation practice has been associated […]

Relaxation & Stress Management

February 4, 2013

Are your mind and body working against one another? Psychological stress is so powerful that it can practically tear your body apart. Studies correlate stress with chronic pain, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, dementia, infections, and just about every other medical problem you could possibly experience. Why? Because stress causes inflammation. And inflammation inhibits your […]

Transpersonal Therapy & Spiritual Counseling

January 30, 2013

Your spiritual beliefs can be your most powerful tools for positive transformation. Psychotherapy based on the integration and amplification of spirituality is referred to as “transpersonal” — because the nature of spirituality is that it helps to bring us outside of ourselves, and to connect us with higher powers and higher realities. Transpersonal therapy often […]

Creativity Coaching

January 24, 2013

Powerful psychological techniques to unlock your full creative potential. There’s a big difference between being a creative person, and being a creative professional. The pressure to produce fresh ideas can interfere with your ability to tap into your deepest creative resources. By taking the time to really nourish your creative abilities, and develop a richer […]

Depression Treatment

January 17, 2013

Depression is extremely common, and extremely treatable. More than 1 in 5 adults will experience a diagnosable mood disorder at some time during their lives, with major depressive disorder being the most common (this is what some counselors call “clinical depression.”) If you’re suffering from depression, you already know how many different kinds of problems it can […]

Rape Counseling: The Sooner The Better

January 16, 2013

After a traumatic event, most people feel a little bit like they’re losing their minds. Because rape challenges your basic sense that the world is a safe place to live. The feeling of being violated causes such a huge rush of emotion — everything from anger to fear to guilt to sadness — that it […]

Weight Loss Hypnosis & Counseling

January 15, 2013

Here’s what the scientific research says about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for weight loss: One study took an existing 9-week behavioral therapy program for weight loss (something like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig), and added hypnosis to it to see whether patients receiving the hypnosis-enhanced version would get better results. At the end of the […]

Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

December 29, 2012

Most people come to therapy for irritable bowel syndrome reluctantly. They feel confused by their symptoms, and upset that their doctors don’t seem to have any real solutions. They feel skeptical about whether psychological treatment can help them… because no one has explained why it should. On this page I’m going to go into some […]

Psychological Treatment for Migraines

November 25, 2012

There is no single underlying cause of chronic headache pain, but rather a constellation of contributing factors. There is a genetic component, so a family history of migraine headaches does predispose you to also have migraine headaches. But even if your identical twin has migraines, there is still only about a 50% chance that you […]

Treatment of Complex or Childhood Trauma

November 18, 2012

The increasing number of returning veterans has helped to raise public awareness of the effects of trauma on mental health. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can set in after exposure to an extremely frightening event, and it is characterized primarily by anxiety symptoms. However, repeated trauma, over a long period of time, can result in much […]