David Godot, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Holistic Psychology for Deep Healing & Lasting Wellness

Mind-Body Psychotherapy

Holistic psychological treatment for medical conditions -- incorporating clinical hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, depth-oriented psychotherapy, and lifestyle changes.

Trauma Therapy

I'm experienced with combat veterans, sexual trauma, and medical trauma. I focus on healing the underlying causes of PTSD for lasting relief.

Psychological Assessment

  • Diagnostic Consultation

    Have you been in treatment, but not sure you’ve been diagnosed correctly? I can meet with you either in person or online to help you find answers.
  • Psychological Testing

    (In-person only)
    • ADHD Testing (vs anxiety, autism spectrum, mood disorders)
    • Autism Spectrum/Aspergers Testing (vs OCD, social phobia, etc)
    • Dementia Testing (vs Depression)
    • Learning Disability Testing
    • Psychosis Testing (mood-related psychosis vs schizophrenia spectrum vs dissociation)
  • Drug & Alcohol Assessments

    Satisfy legal or employer requirements with an in-person or online assessment of your substance use history, any problems it may have caused you over time, and whether treatment may be needed.

I offer appointments online in California, or in person at my office in Long Beach. Some evening and weekend times are available. Call me at (323) 942-9668 for a free phone consultation.