David Godot, Psy.D.

Consulting Psychologist (Psychological Detective)

The one to call when treatment isn't working

People get stuck...

In patterns of thought and behavior that don't serve them well. They get stuck in patterns of illness and degeneration. And no one knows what to do!

I see it all the time — A bright, capable, motivated individual hopping around from one therapist to another, doing stays in the hospital or in residential treatment. Everybody gives them a different diagnosis, they try every psychiatric medication on the market, and things just seem to get worse and worse. No one understands what they're going through! No one knows what's really going on.

The situation seems hopeless.

I help get those hopeless cases unstuck.

I specialize in figuring out what the hell is really going on, and what can actually be done about it.
Here's how:


Like an MRI for the mind, I run high end assessments that I'm uniquely trained to interpret.


I help the treating physician, psychiatrist, or therapist understand the underlying dynamics of the illness, and strategies for healing it.


Along the way, I offer quick, targeted therapies to kick-start the change process... things like clinical hypnosis and strategic assignments to complement the main work of therapy.

Are you a treatment provider struggling to understand a patient who deserves to heal?

The work you're doing is critical, establishing the foundation for an actual cure, that really can happen once you get a handle on the hidden dynamics of the problem. I can help you. There's no cost to the provider, and I'll help you find a clear direction in treatment.

Are you a person stuck in a neverending cycle of failed treatments?

If you've been slapped with every label in the diagnostic manual, followed through on all the therapies you've been offered, and still can't find relief, end the cycle of hopelessness by contacting me for a consultation right now.


Call me at (323) 942-9668, or email me at dgodot@gmail.com