Couples Counseling

Successful relationships are built on kindness and communication. It seems simple, but our emotional habits and blind spots can get in the way.

We end up blaming our partners for not being able to read our minds, and feeling lost and abandoned when we find ourselves unable to read their minds. We feel the sting of rejection and lash out defensively. We end up in arguments we don’t want to have, saying things we don’t mean to say.

And here’s something interesting: the more important a relationship is, the more powerful the negative feelings can become. The people closest to us bear the brunt of our pain, trauma, and insecurity — and we find ourselves on the receiving end of theirs as well.

Couples counseling is about learning to communicate in a way that’s emotionally open, honest, kind, and collaborative. In therapy, I help couples:

  • understand the source of conflicts
  • work through resentments
  • resolve guilt and rebuild trust
  • communicate more effectively
  • become better partners for each other