David Godot, Psy.D.

Two-Week Low Carb Detox

Those of you who know me know that I follow a pretty low carb diet all the time. I don’t eat bread or potatoes or sweets (usually), and I generally manage to stay under 50 or 60 carbs a day.

Even so, when your better half is a sommelier, it gets pretty easy to put on extra weight. This is because the liver is largely responsible for metabolizing fat, and if you keep it busy processing wine it isn’t really able to do that very efficiently.

So the wife and I are following a strict 2-week low carb detox program in order to shed our unneeded fats and get our livers running full-speed again. Here’s what we’re doing:

We’re Eating Very Low Carb

For two weeks we’re going pretty much all-out Atkins-style induction. I’m aiming for 10-15 carbs per day, so most of what I’m eating (Freudian slip! I literally just typed “most of what I’m meating”) is meat, eggs, fish, and greens. I’ve been very suprised at how easy it has been to follow this type of diet! We really haven’t had to change that much, we just cut out all the low-carb bread and chips we usually garnish with, and cut out all fruit except for berries. We’ve also been very sparing with the low carb juices we like to drink, which have about 6 carbs per serving (we like to make spritzers out of them, so for us it’s only really like 2 carbs per serving.)

Today we both have the day off, so we woke up and made a delicious frittata with a crispy cheddar-cheese crust, sweet and hot peppers, onions, and served with salsa and sour cream. We also had a little bit of fresh sliced strawberry on the side. That kept us full pretty much all day. Last night I made some completely low carb mini pumpkin cheesecakes (I’ll post the recipe here), so we each had one of those as a snack. Each one has maybe one or two carbs.

And Letting Our Livers Detox

Probably the biggest dietary change has been this: no alcohol except on weekends. That means no wine with dinner! A major challenge for the wife, and psychotherapists are not exactly known to turn down a drink either! However, we were on our best behavior all week and will be continuing on for at least one more week. I think this is responsible for a lot of the fast results we’re seeing.

And Also Working Out More

Much more. I’ve been doing slow weight training to build up muscle mass more or less once a week for the past year or two. And I’ve been very happy with the results, so I’m going to keep doing that. But I’m also adding in some extra regular-speed exercises to tone and shape the muscles I’ve built. I’m especially focusing on my arms, pecs, and abs. That means a lot of different kinds of pushups, and a lot of bicycle-style ab crunches.