Did you ever know how to build a Tesla coil?

It’s not, as it appears,
a single wire wrapped tightly around its base.
It’s actually a number of separate circuits
that are never really connected at all.
But they’re tuned in to the same frequency.
They feed off of each other that way,
like a little planet directing itself by radio,
or like the fragments of a personality.

When he first developed this type of transformer,
Tesla had to keep the whole thing submerged in oil
to prevent those circuits from overheating and melting down.
You have to spread things out more:
you need more space between your circuits
if you want to be able to enjoy the open air.

The discharge from this contraption is,
in many cases, an afterthought.
However, you’ll find that you can really
fine-tune the voltage and directionality
by controlling airflow, capacitance,
and by holding yourself in a manner that is soft yet firm.

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