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Coping as a habit of mind

August 17, 2016

I hear more and more clinicians and administrators talk about the teaching of “coping skills” as a major goal of treatment. I don’t necessarily disagree with this, but I disagree with what is often meant by “coping skills.” I see people teaching clients to take a time out, think about something else, listen to music, […]

Applying for internships. Here’s the personal essay I want to submit.

August 24, 2011

I’m 31 years old now, and I’ve been in school for the last 8 years. For the last six of those, I’ve been focused on becoming a psychologist. That entails a lot of “professionalization,” which is a euphemism for becoming the sort of person that psychologists agree with and would like to be around. At […]

SCEH 2009 in Reno, Nevada

October 31, 2009

I recently had the great pleasure of attending the 2009 Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis conference in Reno, Nevada. My primary purpose in attending was to serve on the faculty for the Introductory Workshop in Clinical Hypnosis. I had spent the previous weeks helping workshop co-chair Dr. Edward Frischholz in preparing an updated curriculum […]

Completed My Doctoral Psychotherapy Practicum

June 28, 2009

As of Wednesday evening my psychotherapy practicum is complete! I spent the year externing on the Valeo Intensive Outpatient Unit at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. Lakeshore is a freestanding psychiatric hospital, and the IOP unit is located a couple blocks away in a separate building. Many of the patients I saw there were transitioning from inpatient […]

Chicago GLBT Behavioral Health Training Consortium

June 25, 2009

My doctoral psychotherapy practicum on the Valeo Intensive Outpatient Unit at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital focused on the treatment of mentally ill substance abusers within the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) community. Valeo is one of three GLBT-focused treatment programs in the Chicago area, along with Howard Brown and The Center on Halsted. These three […]

Finishing Psychodiagnostic Practicum

April 7, 2008

At this point in my clinical training, I have spent nearly a year on what is called the¬†psychodiagnostic practicum. What that means is that my main job for the last year, as a psychodiagnostic extern at the Diamond Headache Clinic inpatient unit, has been to figure out what psychological factors are playing a role in […]