David Godot, Psy.D.

Brief Psychological Assessment Services

October 21, 2016 • Mental Health

A key service I provide to therapists and clinical teams is diagnostic consultation for potentially complex cases that may not warrant the time and expense of a full psychological assessment battery.

Within just 24-48 hours, and at a cost of just $500 to the client (which may be reimbursed by insurance if they have out of network benefits), I can use data you collect on-site to deliver a pretty good picture of the client’s personality dynamics and symptom profile, and recommendations on the types of services and therapeutic approaches that they will be most likely to benefit from.

A typical brief assessment includes a variety of self-report symptom inventories, some contrasting measures of personality function and subjective experience, and some basic projective measures of social and emotional functioning. The client can complete these instruments either on their own or with supervision in about one hour.

Through careful combination and overlay of these brief measures, I am often able to ascertain important information about the client’s style of responding, their general orientation toward treatment, their degree of psychological complexity and psychological mindedness, and the likelihood of psychotic or dissociative experiences, as well as their current severity of common psychological symptoms. From this information, I can help the therapist or clinical team understand which therapeutic issues are most likely to be primary, what therapeutic style the client will be most likely to respond to, and whether additional testing may be indicated.